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Prof. Dr. Hari S Chandran

Prof. Dr. Hari S Chandran

Sr. Licensed Consultant Psychologist , Alappuzha MA,Mphil and Phd , Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological society)/

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Prasad  Amore

Mr Prasad Amore

Licensed Psychologist , Thrissur Msc(psychology), M. Phil(psychology) HPD(London)/

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Bineesh  c

Mr Bineesh c

Consultant Psychologist , Thrissur Msc(Clinical Psychology)/Diploma in Psychotherapy

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Pankaj Lakhan  Singh

Dr Pankaj Lakhan Singh

Licensed Consulting Clinical/ Neuropsychologist , Nagpur MA,Phd/

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Blessy  Benjamin

Mrs Blessy Benjamin

Consultant Psychologist , Ernakulam MA(Clinical Psychology)

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Deepa  BP

Ms Deepa BP

Consultant Psychologist , Kannur Msc(Applied Psychology)/

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Saroop  MN

Mr Saroop MN

Consultant Psychologist (Specialized in Health and Behavioral Science) , Payyannur Msc (Health and Behavioral science)/

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Famidha  V V

Mrs Famidha V V

Consultant Psychologist , Kozhikode Msc(Applied Psychology)/

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Sarath Kumar  M S

Mr Sarath Kumar M S

Consultant Psychologist , Ernakulam MA(Psychology)

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Minusha Jaleel   MP

Minusha Jaleel MP

Consultant Psychologist , Kozhikode Msc and Mphil (Psychology)/

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Majitha  AK

Mrs Majitha AK

Consultant Psychologist , Kozhikode Msc(Applied Psychology)/

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Sindhu  R

Sindhu R

Licensed Psychologist , Alappuzha MA,Phd(Psychology), University of Kerala/

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Gonzaga  S A B S

Miss Gonzaga S A B S

Consultant Psychologist , Kottayam Msc(Applied Psychology)/

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Rehana  Kannadi paramba

Mrs Rehana Kannadi paramba

Consultant Psychologist , Kozhikode Msc(Clinical psychology)

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Mathew  Varghese

Mr Mathew Varghese

Consultant Psychologist Msc(psychology)

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Renju  Manoj

Mrs Renju Manoj

Consultant Psychologist , Thiruvalla Msc( Psychology)

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Dileep  Kumar

Mr Dileep Kumar

Consultant Psychologist , Cherthala Msc( Psychology). PG Diploma in Counseling

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Hamna  VP

Mrs Hamna VP

Consultant Psychologist Msc( Applied Psychology)/Mphil (Psychology)

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Nikitha  Fernandez

Ms Nikitha Fernandez

Consultant Psychologist Msc( Applied Psychology)

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Sara  Bai

Mrs Sara Bai

Counselor Bsc

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