Consultant Psychologist (Specialized in Health and Behavioral Science),Payyannur
Msc (Health and Behavioral science)/ 5 years of Experience
Registration No:APP02061

About Mr.Saroop MN

Saroop is specialized in behavior science ,undertaking specific behavioral observations and assessments. He trained in Behavioral discipline and its techniques and follow the biopsychosocial model approach. He utilizes the help from behavioral interventions and his therapeutic approach incorporates biological, psychological, and social elements into its approach to diagnosis and treatment/ psychotherapy instead of relying only on a biological cause -deviation from the standard or normal therapeutic approach. Saroop's background in counselling and psychotherapy enhances his ability to work with a variety of clients with a wide array of concerns. If you would benefit from psychological counselling, psychotherapy, or a customized blend of the two, please feel free to contact.

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